Why Himjob ?

Highlights of HimJob.com (The First Global Nepalese Job Portal) –
1. We have designed this platform into 2 themes; IT Jobs & Non-IT Jobs; when user browse the site, it opens into IT job theme, a user can tap into the Non-IT peelable button on the top right-hand side and get into Non-IT theme of the site. We made it so that an individual who is not familiar with the technical world, would not get confused by any technical fancy words while trying to look for a normal job through us and vice versa.
2. We are present in almost all top social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+), so a user can simply log into our job portal using credentials of any of these sites and maintain an account with us which will give user option to Search for Job, apply for job directly, view the job user has applied, view copy of resume and status on job search.
3. Any user can contribute to our 4 categories of blogging (IT, Non-IT, Immigration Guide & Edu Guide) by using an account associated with any of the 4 social media sites above.
4. Project Around/ Challenge Concept: Under this two sections; we will continuously host projects that an individual can join at any time, provided one has required skill sets. These projects will be of frequent services related initiatives such as; Call Centers supporting hardware fixes, offshore support facility, Sale Support centers etc.
On the other hand, we will also host projects that will be challenging in nature for given market where an individual or group of individuals can be accepted into project upon successful demonstration of their skills.
5. Legal/ Training Services: We will also be hosting list of various legal partners who can directly help our Nepalese members from around the world in their country of their residence, this information will be easily accessible as we grow our footprint as well as we will also host various onsite and online training program provided by our partnering companies so Nepalese members can get the training on new product or services to compete in today’s ever-changing labor market.
6. ITC / NON-ITC BY/FOR Nepal: Under this 2 categories, we are researching and listing out all the businesses from around the world that meets following criteria; A. Which is owned & operated by Nepalese, either in IT or Non IT sectors, B. Which is operated in Nepal, but owned by foreign investors, either in IT or Non-IT sectors. This information can help us boost our presence globally to support all those who needs employment.
7. Businesses that falls under ITC/ NON-ITC concept as described above, can submit their requirement online without any fee.
8. We are working with 100s of companies around the world where there are Nepalese and need jobs, with the help of our various alliance partners who are supporting our social conscious effort.
9. Our mission is to work and cherish all those NRNs from around the world who like to do something for Nepal and Nepalese.
10. With the help of this platform, we, the Nepalese people can transform our country to a 21st century standard ourselves. This platform can provide an opportunity with pool of smart brains that can bring closure to any kind/any size projects in Nepal and around the world.
11. We will be hosting each and every news that are associated with jobs for Nepalese and Businesses that are helping Nepal & Nepalese from around the world.

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